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Big Nickel and Dynamic Earth (5)
Black & White (45)
Downtown Sudbury (25)
Fall (19)
Georgian Bay and Lake Huron (36)
Killarney Provincial Park (4)
Killarney, French River, and Pickerel River (25)
Lakes (73)
Laurentian University (9)
Mining (17)
Miscellaneous and Musicians (26)
New Photos (21)
Onaping Falls (1)
Ramsey Lake & Bell Park (35)
Rivers (17)
Science North (5)
Slag Pouring (7)
Spring (14)
Sudbury General Hospital (76)
Summer (97)
Superstack (13)
Western United States and Canada (9)
Winter (24)

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Welcome to, the home of one of Sudbury's more passionate nature and landmark photographers.

As the largest city in northern Ontario in population and the 24th largest metropolitan area in Canada, Sudbury Ontario is definitely an epicenter of commerce, government, tourism, science and technology research.

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From the Shore of Ramsey Lake

Inside you'll find many photographs of Science North, Bell Park, the Boardwalk, Laurentian Hospital, and Laurentian University. You will also find many of Sudbury's famous landmarks and pictures of the many rivers and lakes, including Killarney and The French River.

These pictures make great gifts for weddings, retirement, moving away gifts, or just a gift for someone who has moved away and would like a reminder of home. They also look great in business waiting rooms, boardrooms, or on your wall at home.

OnThe Bank of The French River
Black Bay, Georgian Bay, in spring #5
Downtown Sudbury at Night #1
Black bay, Georgian Bay, in spring #9
Vermillion River in Spring #3
Sudbury Big Nickel #2

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